Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

The morning was greeted with an optional MTE class to prepare for the final exam that followed the next day. After the class was complete and Argo was cleared into St. Barth’s, the Argonauts headed ashore. Walking around St. Barth’s only left two obvious answers of what to do: one, go shopping; two, stop at as many cafes as possible and drink as much espresso and eat as many baguettes and cheese as one can take. And this is what the crew did as they wondered around St. Barth’s enjoying the last stop before the final destination of Antigua. Some of the crew came back to the boat a little before dinner to put final touches on their PSCT presentations, various papers, or do some last-minute studying for the navigation exam. After dinner, we had great peanut butter cookies to celebrate Glenn’s birthday! Happy Birthday! Then the students had their last OCB class for the semester. It is quite surreal how close this program is to ending and how close everyone has become, only a few more days until we can show what we have learned and how we have bonded and work so well as a team in Classics week.