Location: Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday's Australia

Started the morning motoring through the scenic Whitsundays as countless beautiful bays drifted by. The spray of the breath of whales would linger, and moments later, a giant behemoth would launch out of the water. With up to three groups of whales at a time, the deck was covered from all angles with no sound except the electronic clicking of digital cameras. As pictures will show, the area is characterized by lush green trees on rocky coasts with massive tidal influences. It resembles the characteristics of New Zealand, Washington, and BVI all in one. We arrived around lunch at Whitehaven Beach and had tortilla soup, and then headed to shore for Eshed’s how-to presentation on self-defense. It was a very sandy yet educational event. Ellie’s was next and was a guided meditation, which focused on the introspection of others, which was a unique experience for all. A much-anticipated rematch of Ultimate Frisbee was held, and the former losing team gained the upper hand and has now tied the series 1-1. We all made it back on board that afternoon tired, sandy, and glowing from and another active day. After dinner, it was a productive study hall where all were focused and dedicated time to our studies of navigation and oceanography.