Location: Underway to Tahiti!

Hello all! It’s me again!! I’m writing to you all from god knows where in the pacific o’ch. Apparently, it’s Easter Monday, so happy easter to all those who celebrate. Anywho, my day started bright and early at 3:30 am when I was awoken by the giggles and hysterics of Ted and Miles, who had just discovered that William had taken it upon himself to shave his head randomly while the rest of us were watching Harry Potter. How had he gotten ahold of an electric razor, you may ask? Jokes on you. He hadn’t. He did it in the red light with scissors. The result, as we later found out, was similar to if you lightly shaved an already balding Dalmatian. Once the giggles subsided, we marched up to watch relatively awake with the help of some bomb az coffees I made.

On watch, we discussed many a thing, including weird and sacrilege food combos (cottage cheese with apple sauce and olives mixed with frozen corn thanks to Alexis, Lake, and Morena), Not to mention Carla’s obsession with big-bagged pickles. Our watch also included sexton time with “the boys,” with the bonus of the most amazing green flash I’ve ever seen that accompanied the sunrise. After we got off watch at eight, some of us slid into the salon to work on our upcoming assignments while others went off to sleepy land for the next 3 hours. These past two nights have been wonderfully cool in the cabins, and so we all arose well-rested at 11:30 for an on-time lunch made by the one and only Daphne, who cooked us a scrumptious cajun mac and cheese. After lunch, we learned about marine mammals with Dill pickle and then had a lightly competitive seamen ship course with Smash and Tom. In this class, we went over parts of the boat and basically had a game of silent charades to make our teammates guess the correct name. My watch team had the 2-6 watch to follow class in which we talked about mild fun things like how we would fight off pirates. How many days it would take for us to be rescued if we had to abandon ship and the alarming obsession Carla has with milk? Side note: this woman drank 2 liters of milk for years until she had to go to milk rehab and stop carrying a bottle of it with her at all times. After watch, we had dinner, which Queen Daphne prepared all by herself because it was easier. Crazy. Dinner was tacos with beef and dirty rice that were absolutely ono.

Once we all held hands, we shared our appreciation (most being William’s shiny scalp) and then shared our biggest red flags. Here are some favorites; chewing gum with TMJ, shampoo obsessions, not being able to back in the family truck, and not knowing the tailgate could open *cough cough Sam* along with many others. As I write this, I look forward to a good night’s sleep, a fun 12-4 watch, and another day living within less than 5 feet of my best friends. Note to my family back home; I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, and I miss you more than words! Give Nalu and Mia a big hug for me and pet Pokie (the bird). I can’t wait to call you as soon as I get to Tahiti. Aloha nui loa <3