Location: Slipway, Antigua

Today is day 78, meaning it is my last blog. The morning started off at a normal 7 am wake up. Coffee was brewing, and smiles were shared. Nick wanted us to go straight into the race with confidence and willingness. Around 7:30 am, the crew got Ocean Star off the dock and ready to sail our last day in the regatta. The anchor chains were full of sluggish muck that had been sitting at the bottom of the bay. It got everywhere. But we got that off the decks very fast because we are very good at what we do! The race started at 11:30 am. The wind was blowing from the southeast, which changed the course of the regatta, making it a bit shorter than usual. The sail lasted around 3 hours, and straight after, we participated in a boat parade. The harbor was super colorful, with many different flags from all kinds of places hanging from the main masts of other boats. We docked and got the anchor down at around 3:30 pm. We then washed the decks and went straight to the bathrooms to take fresh water showers! Soon after, we were briefed and had a wonderful dinner. Our last sail was picture-perfect, and being on the jib team with all of my friends was so much fun! I am very grateful to be on such a. beautiful schooner with such amazing people. Honorable mentions- My family, of course, Kennedys, Delducas, Sullivans, and the Leonettis. Signing out-Jack