Location: FL

Before I even stepped foot on Argo, I knew that It was going to be a powerful and transformative experience for me. Little did any of us know what would happen to the world and that we would all have to be home instead of celebrating our last days of program together. Even though we didnt know how the journey would end, I believe that deep down, we all knew from how Argo would change us, helping us transform into people ready to navigate through the storms of life and the winds of change. Before I set sail, one of my dearest friends wrote me a poem that I would like to share from a letter she gave to me before I set sail. I believe it helps encapsulate the indescribable and transformative journey our time together on Argo has been and how we will all get through these tough times together. Argo and the Sea|mester experience has taught us so many important lessons that I am so thankful for. Although the program is ending, the spirit of this amazing adventure will remain with us forever.


Every day I say,

I will shore the books off my bed

And go where I have longed to go


I will let another body pass

I will leave the helm and stand on the bow

Because I have felt harsh winds before

And I learned to go with the wind


I will feel my tides rise and fall

Singing hymns as the odd curves emerge

And remembering,

When forceful waters arise

That this.

Is the abrasion I crave.

A guiding force

With which I will ascend.


– A poem titled With Wind and Water by Morgan Lewis