Location: Portovenere, Italy

Watch team 2 brought us into Italy and anchored us in Portovenere at about 10:00 AM this morning. We dropped the dinghies into the water as different variations of oatmeal were made for breakfast. After cleaning up the boat, we were ready to step foot in Italy for the first time on the trip. Cannolis were on our mind as we wandered the streets and checked out some really old buildings. There was a church built in the 1100s that we explored as the organ was playing. Many of us had firsts,, and then seconds of our favorite Gelato tasted the delicious pesto and had what they thought was a cannoli (we’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow for a good one). Back aboard Argo, we went swimming and showered off before devouring beef teriyaki over rice noodles and veggies. Now we are about to have our first leadership class after dinner and off to bed for an early rise tomorrow morning (5:30!!) for a hiking day in the Cinque Terra!

Some of the crew launching the dinghies; a beautiful shot of Argo; a group shot at Portovenere; our amazing staff and crew provisioning for us for the next few days; and two shots of our entry into the harbor in Portovenere.