Location: Essaouira, Morocco

Having grown up in Boston, being a diehard Red Sox fan has just been in my blood forever. Baseball season means that somehow, around 7:05 EST every day, I find my way to a TV or a radio to cheer my beloved Red Sox to glory. Now, as you can well imagine, it has not been easy to do so in the middle of the sea, halfway across the world. On that note, however, there have been some serious efforts made on the part of the Argonauts to keep apprised of the situation. If you haven’t yet heard, the Red Sox won the World Series last night with a series sweep of the Colorado Rockies, and my world was completed again! Having resorted to taping a cell phone to the hatch of the fo’c’sl (the forward room) to ensure optimum reception, it was announced over the PA system at approximately 10 am local time, and the celebrating began. We laughed and cried and sang our hearts out to “Dirty Water,” but now it is time to move on and sail. (Editor’s note: Phil doesn’t remember much else from this day, but we actually had a beautiful morning of sailing, arrived in Essaouira safely, and are looking forward to exploring the shore tomorrow).