Location: Antigua

We had another busy day today. While Smash was clearing us into Antigua, the students finished off the international crew course and exam, which everyone passed! After that, everyone enjoyed a few hours of shore time and some lunch ashore. It was great to once again be met by super friendly locals and amazing local cuisine.

After lunch, both staff and students enjoyed every interactive Emergency First Responder scenario to finish off the course. The students were split into two groups before coming on deck to 5 different injury scenarios at once. In addition to the screaming from Jake, one of our actors, the wild Antiguan rain showers, added to the theatrics. In the second round of scenarios, I volunteered to be covered in fake blood (expired ketchup), simulating a catastrophic bleed. Everyone was calm and efficient despite the massacre.

We then ate some amazing chili for dinner and chatted through our optional night snorkel. Almost all of the group came to explore the two small wrecks off Galleon Beach. It was amazing to see the underwater world at night and the different species. Finally, at the end of the snorkel, when we turned all the dive lights out and splashed around to see the underwater bioluminescence.