Location: Galleon Beach, Antigua

We started the day off by getting woken up by the lovely bilge alarm, but not to worry, all is well. Those who were already awake got a good laugh at everyone coming from their bunks with their pajamas and life jackets. After breakfast, we took the dinghy to the beach to play a game of capture the flag for group bonding (my team won, of course). Our game became very competitive and consisted of some pretty hilarious wipeouts. After we were done with that, we convinced Lucas to climb the nearby palm tree so we could try to crack open a coconut. We swam back to the boat and got to see some cool fish, along with a huge jellyfish, on the way back. Once back on board, Meg and Heather started to teach us how to break down and put together our dive equipment. We ate lunch and then got our groups together to start our intro to scuba. Everyone was pretty pumped for our first dive lesson. We went back to the beach to learn more of the ins and outs of diving and finally got to use our equipment. We were all pretty hungry and ready for dinner by the time we were done. Once dinner was ready and we were all settled down to eat, a downpour came out of nowhere and sent us all running below deck and trying to save all our food. Im having so much fun, and everything here is so cool. Once Im done with the blog, Im going to end the day by hanging out with everyone and finally learning how to play poker.
Love and miss everyone, and I can’t wait for ya’ll to read this. 🙂