Location: East London, South Africa

Our first full day in East London! Today was pretty much-designated study day, with a little BA and class thrown in as well. The day started off with our final OCB class, which despite people normally being thrilled with the end of classes, was definitely sad as it reminded us of the end of the trip creeping closer and was the end of a fun term of OCB (marine biology). After class, we jumped into a quick BA, a nice soapy deck wash, some rust busting, and a thorough clean of down below and galley world. We ate lunch down below today due to the rain – it’s kind of ironic that South Africa is the rainiest place we have been to on this trip. I think most of our preconceived notions of Africa were based on the Lion King … so most of us were expecting some hot open grasslands? Following lunch, we had our last MTE class, which was spent studying for our Navigation exam, which is tomorrow, and the rest of the afternoon was spent studying.

Another exciting thing that happened today was that Caisha is now officially a Divemaster! We all shared in their excitement with a cake for dessert… so thanks! We have a how-to by Josh L tonight, followed by SLD (student leadership), and another fun night aboard Argo. Hate to be the one doing the countdown… but only 11 full days left! I can’t believe this adventure is almost over, but nice to know we’ll be having a reunion two days post-program!