Location: On Route to St. Vincent

Today started out with a rolling breakfast time from 7-10:30 for cereal, yogurt, fruits, granola, etc. After this, we spent our morning doing our watch hours, spending some time up on deck, or resting in between our watch times. We then had a salad bowl that Addison made with some help. After lunch, we continued doing our different assignments on watch. These assignments consisted of: staying on the bow to watch for incoming ships or debris, sailing the vessel at the proper heading, doing a maintenance check to make sure everything is in working order, and checking all the bilges to make sure water isn’t building up in the hatches. We then had a nice taco diner that was very delicious. We then resumed our watches to ensure that we will arrive at our destination of Saint Vincent on time.

Photo 1: Julian working bow watch bright and early
Photo 2: Celia and Liam cleaning out the bilges from
Photo 3: Liam setting up his fishing line
Photo 4: Addison cooking lunch
Photo 5: Grady sailing the ship and Ash not sailing the ship
Photo 6: Katie sailing while Meg isn’t feeling too hot
Photo 7: The best teenage sailor giving the instructor some advice