Location: Sint Eustasius, Statia

Cheeky little early breakfast. We were briefed at the coziest little dive shop on the waterfront. This was in preparation for our two deep wreck dives. Back-to-back wreck dives really put all of our divers to the test. We all kitted up and backrolled into the water below. The first dive was absolutely mental and consisted of plethoras of fish, corals, rays, lobsters, and even claims of a shark in and throughout the wrecked ship. It’s always such a joy to see everybody get excited about something they see and attempt to frantically signal to their buddy or the next closest person. Words fail to describe the feeling of being completely entranced by a marine interaction. It’s really given me a greater appreciation for slowing down and taking my time. A highlight of my dive was ascending up over the edge of the wreck and seeing a goatfish just munchin away on what seemed to be nothing. But even if it wasn’t food, he still looked so content. In between the dives, we spent time sunbathing and petting Smokey, the dog. This led to, of course, to another beautiful dive. Once we got back, we completed our last academic exam and fish ID quiz. It’s kind of unreal to think we just finished a semester of work while sailing around the Caribbean. We were then lured into the salon and given a false sense of security as a distraction for our rescue class. We all responded according to our intensive training, starting off strong by throwing an untethered rescue ring into the water. Naturally, my rescue debut started with saving the life ring before helping save two injured divers. Once tasks were delegated, it went smoothly. So smoothly that you could say we passed our first rescue scene. Overall, pretty chill day.

Love to Mah, Pah, Gabone, and last but not least, Toblerone
Can’t wait to see you guys