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3,270 Nautical Miles via Dry Tortugas, USVI, Annapolis, Mystic, CT
We’ve been crossing oceans aboard our 112-ft modern schooner S/Y Argo since her launch in 2006 and she’s already circumnavigated the world five times, but this summer is your opportunity to do something truly remarkable and sail along the Atlantic Ocean northward along the Eastern Seaboard. S/Y Argo operates year-round under our Seamester Gap Year & Study Abroad voyages banner, however, this summer ActionQuest students get the opportunity to takeover! It all starts in late June when we depart from Tampa Florida to spend the next 14 days near the Southern Florida shores as we acclimatize to our new life onboard. Next up we will embark on our first lengthy Voyage to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands where we will get to dip our toes in the warm Caribbean waters and experience world-class scuba diving. From there, we will turn our bow north and make passage up the Eastern Seaboard stopping in ports along the way. Emphasis? Real-life leadership training with the academic credit to prove it mixed with bluewater sailing, and lots of it! Crewing a yacht on an oceangoing voyage is not something many can say they have achieved. As a team, your sense of accomplishment will be profound, and as an individual, the experience will set you apart. The skills you’ll develop and the challenges you’ll overcome are uncommon. Not only a perfect subject for any job interview or college resume, but the experience you will gain on this voyage will have a lasting effect long after you have departed the vessel. After all, we are the sum of our experiences and this one will be remarkable.
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