Academic Materials

Click on the appropriate link to download the academic materials in PDF format.

Since these documents are quite large, we suggest that you download the PDFs to your computer or tablet device to bring to the program in electronic form. If you are the type of learner who prefers tangible materials upon which to take additional notes, take the PDF’s to a photocopy center and ask that it be printed in black and white, either single sided or duplex (2 sided to save space). You can ask for it to be spiral bound with plastic covers or, alternatively, drilled for a three ring binder.

If you are having problems downloading, viewing or printing the forms, please contact us for other options. +1.941.924.2900

Course Name Course Code Materials
Introduction to Oceanography OCE 2002 DOWNLOAD STUDENT NOTES (v2.3.1)
Introduction to Marine Biology OCB 1001 DOWNLOAD STUDENT NOTES (v3.6)