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It Begins

Location: Slipway, Antigua

Well, well well, here we are again, how long has it been....1 week, 1 month, who's keeping track. It has been what seems like an eternity since the last trip, and good ole Ocean Star has been getting a little antsy without the regular hustle and bustle of boat life and the feel of many souls aboard. Well, she's going to rest well tonight because we got 16 brand spanking new shipmates arrive, albeit rather tired a weary as many had been traveling since the early hours of the morning. However, that will soon dissipate as the coming adventures over the coming days will bring them to life.

What you ask will they be doing...I don't want to ruin the surprise for you...Ah, screw it, I'll tell you. We have Dived, Sailing with learning Navigation and good old fashioned seamanship know-how. Marine biology with the ability to immediately go a dive with what's being taught. Oceanography and being able to see the effects of what's happening to the world and various ecosystems and Leadership where they will learn to become better versions of their current selves. No doubt some amazing meals will be coming up, the standard already set tonight with that last one as we had some amazing, authentic South African pasta and red sauce, with beans and bacon.

The shipmate are all aboard, all check-in, somewhat overloaded with brief program information and roles aboard, but the excitement amongst the group to get off the dock and really start is palpable. I will leave you avid readers of this blog at this stage to get some rest myself and prepare for the onslaught of information the shipmates will have to take in tomorrow.

Picture 1: Ocean Star and all here glory
Picture 2: Best Seamester Album Cover in years
Picture 3: What can only be described as a work of Picasso, soon to be on view at the Louvre
Picture 4: Ocean Star and her kids Exy and Irv
Picture 5: Adalaide checking if a set of regulators is the same size as a human head
Picture 6: Trees