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It Begins Again

Location: Slipway, Antigua

Day one begins in its normal buzz of making the optics of the boat up to program standards again. It has been about a month (and some change) since we have had students on board the good vessel Ocean Star. Since our last group left in mid-August, we have been fixing, maintaining, and even lifting the boat out of the water for a 5-year inspection. As fun as a steel treehouse is, we are all excited to see Ocean Star bustling with human activity again. The best part of today is you get to ask the group, "why did Snoop Dog go to the marina?" Which you then respond with, "FOR SHORE POWER." I apologize in advance for all the foreign words we use, inside jokes, and other random things. I thought this being our first blog, I would introduce the staff:

0. Smash: This is me. I sleep in a ball and listen to Fleetwood Mac on repeat.
1. Kris: Ask him about Brooklyn 99.
2. Sam: She will keep your wring toe warm.
3. Ash: Wears scarves, good company.
4. Steph: Needs clothes. She brought the wrong ones, Patricia.

Photo 1: New friends hangin in the salon
Photo 2: Teddy and Eulalie figuring out how to bunk
Photo 3: Stefi staying hydrated
Photo 4: Sophie sunscreening up