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Arriving in Antigua

Location: Slipway, Antigua

We arrived in Antigua today. It was hot and humid. It feels like swimming in 80 degree water. After a long cab ride on the left side of the rode, we arrived in slipway where the Ocean Star is docked. Most of the day following consisted of trying to fit all of our belongings into 3' X 3' cubby, learning each others names, and trying to figure out how the bathrooms work.

We finished a long day of traveling and settling in with a spaghetti dinner and an overview of our future jobs and responsibilities. We shared each others names and how the bathrooms work again (it's going to take a few days for those both) and then we cleaned up and got ready for a long day ahead.

Photo 1- People getting food
Photo 2- People getting food but closer
Photo 3- People getting food but farther away