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Arrivals Part 1

Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Hello, all from S/Y Ocean Star!!

Today was the day we have all been waiting for! Arrival day! While some people's day started super early to make flights, the staff here on Ocean Star was finishing up getting her all ready for our 14 new crew members. As we moved through the morning, we heard that some of our shipmates wouldn't be arriving until Sunday due to flight cancellations, but we excitingly waited for those whose flights did make all the way here to Antigua. When we saw the first taxi pull up, we knew it was "Go Time"! As everyone arrived on the dock here at Slipway, we performed rapid tests, which, thankfully, all came to be negative- so all were welcomed aboard. Many came around dinner time, which was some delicious gnocchi with sausage (mushrooms for the vegetarians) cooked by our captain Hedrick. We had some good rain patches throughout the evening, and things cooled down enough for some (me included) to put on some flannels, sweatshirts, or foulie jackets- a brisk 72 degrees. After dinner, we had a brief intro to clean up jobs, and then the ten that made it here so far got the chance to unpack and meet some of the people that they'll be with for the next 79 days. There have already been a ton of laughs, some close D-ring encounters (watch your toes), and lifelong friendships in the making. We are so excited to get our entire crew here tomorrow and have a beautiful first full day in Antigua.

From all of us, we are so pumped to start the semester and this new adventure!

All my best,

The staff (Sam, Ash, Amanda, Hedrick),
Sierra, Isaac, and Isabel unpacking in the salon
Ocean Star on the dock
Sierra and Sunny on the martingale