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Arrival Day - How Exciting!

Location: Slipway Marina, Antigua

Today's the day! Today's the day! Today's the day! I feel like Nemo on his first day of school (you all know the scene) - except instead of the first day of school, it's the first day of the program! And we (the staff) couldn't be more excited! I'm sure you're excited, too - I assume if you're reading this, you have some connection to a student on board. And I know the students are excited - Kasia, our student Skipper of the day, had this to say:

"Today was an exciting yet nerve-racking day (Sam again here, I didn't even prompt that! Incredible stuff. Now back to Kasia). Early this morning, I got on a flight from the UK and landed in Antigua, a new country for me. As soon as I jumped in a friendly man's taxi and arrived at Ocean Star within a few minutes, I got to meet the crew and some of the other students and got to unpack my huge bag into a tiny bed. The afternoon was spent playing cards, learning magic tricks, and getting confused by Ari while waiting for the other students to arrive later on. Once the remaining students arrived, it was straight into introducing ourselves and eating a spag bowl for dinner. "

So everyone's excited. And a bit nervous. And a touch tired, I'm sure... So I will leave you with this - everyone is here—safe and Sound (and excited?). The next 40 days will be a lot of things. Exciting. Overwhelming. Beautiful. Hilarious. Challenging. Awe-inspiring. Surprising. Incredible. We'll do our best to keep you updated here. And I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we do : D