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Arrival Day

Location: The Slipway Antigua

Today was a strange day, as arguably the shipmates never arrived till the 5th, which still isn't even the start of the official program; however, due to technical issues, the blog is counting this as Day 1, and I have no idea how to remedy this on the system.......So here goes. The day was spent largely without shipmates, and the staff cleaned and finished off last-minute issues to get the boat looking wonderful for the shipmates. This included but wasn't limited to a sponge falling apart, a leaky faucet, some last-minute hysteria from the printer. The boat was then looking pretty sharp for the shipmates to arrive at 23:15 that night. Once cleared through the oh so joyous immigration area at the airport, the shipmates arrived in what can only be described as a similar fashion to London buses, first one arrived with no sign of anyone else. Everyone all arrived at once from various different angles. All was well in the end as temperatures were taken, and new procedures were put in place to make sure all the luggage was wiped down and cleaned along with the shipmates cleaning themselves up.

After all the baggage was on board, it was a quick brief to get everyone through the night before starting fresh the next day.