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Welcome Argonauts!

Location: West End, Tortola

Day 1. Arrival Day. This morning we welcomed two new shipmates in the morning. We showed them to their bunks, gave them a quick tour of Argo, and then chatted with them while we waited for their peers to arrive. Around 1530 in the afternoon, a group of 15 arrived, and by dinner, a few more were here. Now there are 20 shipmates and six staff. Over the next few days, a couple more shipmates will arrive, and then we will be a complete Argo Crew, ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Between the new faces and the excitement of the ocean crossing ahead of us, everyone here is excited. We've started to get to know each other over our first dinner of chicken wings and pizza. The shipmates were introduced to the variety of jobs we have onboard during the cleanup and again during our evening welcome meeting. Everyone was briefed on what our "job wheel" is all about and what it means to be everything from a "deckie" (someone who helps clean the deck after meals) to a "salty" (someone who helps clean dishes first with saltwater when we're underway). While there will be a lot more information that we will be discussing and addressing over the next few days, everyone is pretty anxious to soak the moment in and learn as much as possible.