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Day Ashore!

Location: Haley K.

Today everyone was woken up promptly at 7 am to the song 'Walking on Sunshine" it was a great way to wake up. After everyone got ready, our breakfast, made by Dylan this morning, was delicious. He made french toast. It was amazing! After breakfast we had our nautical science class (yes, we actually study on board)! We learned a little about the physics of sailing and went over the names of different lines on deck. After our class, we were set free to shore, where we could get some coffee, snacks, or more sunscreen (we can never have enough). The iced coffee was delicious, and everyone stocked up on their favorite snacks in preparation for passage starting tomorrow! We also ate lunch while ashore and enjoyed salty fries or sandwiches. We arrived back on the boat by 3 pm, where we then completed the boat check tutorial. The staff ran the students through what boat check will consist of while on passage. This included checking engine temperatures, making sure our laptops won't go flying, and so much more. After this, we were all in need of some ice cream, so we quickly ran back to the grocery store and collected the goods. So worth it. Next, Amanda arrived with ALL the food for our next 21 days!! We all quickly fell in line to help put away the dozens of cans or apples into their designated spots. We just about stuffed every storage space with some type of canned food, sauce, or spice. Thank you, Amanda, for gathering all our food!! Then dinner was served! We had pineapple stir-fry tonight, thanks to Zoe, Daniel, Jack, and Sydney, and it was soooooooo good!! Our squeeze question tonight (asked by yours truly) was what is one of our most embarrassing moments, so we all spent about 35 minutes crying or laughing, listening to our tragic moments. It was great. Now I am writing this post while everyone is finishing cleanup, just in time for all of us to get a shower in! I also want to say goodbye to Eduardo because he won't be able to continue with us. He is an amazing addition to our group and will be greatly missed. Wish us luck on passage. Everyone is super excited!