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Bye Bye Barcelona

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Annnnd we're off to Sardinia! Our last day in Barcelona took many different shapes during the free time that followed passage prep (getting Vela all tidied up and ready to go). I had a blast provisioning with Amanda, and some incredibly kind staff members at a local grocery store went above and beyond to help us out. Since I didn't spend too much time on board this afternoon, I thought I'd let the rest of the crew share for themselves.

"How was your day? Take a moment, think about it, appreciate, relive it, mash it up, mix it up, and give me a sentence that embodies your adventure."

- I loved seeing more of Barcelona, but I’m happy to go back to sea.
- Salaaaaaaaaad. Vegan kronuts.
- Spent time alone and melted into the ground.
- I napped recharged after a super fun sign out night.
- Books and thiccccc chai.
- Mild hangover resolved with loaded fries.
- Good chat with dad.
- Picturesque prodigious Picasso and chweaty cheffing.
- Walked around all day and went into the Picasso museum and a few different churches.
- I spent my free time taking a long walk over to a skate park and sat in the grass.
- Went waking and got a matcha frrppacino and jamón sandwich — it was verrry good.
- My day was fulfilling, I finished what I needed to do and I felt accomplished at the end of the day.
- Cold brew + cappuccino + espresso + ginger tonic latte + americano + chai tea and chai vegan ice cream = the shakes.
- Carts on carts on carts and gelato.
- I went to the gothic quarter, walked around the entire place like six times, went to several different shops and then wandered.
- I had a blast walking through the gothic quarter with friends and drinking great coffee.
- Did my job :)
- I walked around with max and Daniel and got a coffee and wandered.
- My day was very nice.
- I went to the mall, got shirts, went to a middle eastern restaurant and watched an MBA game.
- Wetter than ever but not necessarily better.
- A sleepy morning and a form filled afternoon.