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First Day on Argo!

Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Yo, I'm Toby, the skipper for the day. Today, we all had a full day of flying on planes and riding in taxis, but luckily, after all of that, we all (almost - a few travel delays) made it to English Harbour in Antigua. Argo and another GXG boat called Ocean Star are both docked here together, so all of us arrived together at the same time. I made it to the boat with a few others around 4-5 PM, and many nice students and the staff were all here to greet us. We started our 3-month journey by finding our bunks and unpacking our bags. After that, we gave up our phones for the next week to force (encourage) us to socialize. After that, we all got to know each other as more students from later flights arrived. Everyone seems very nice, and I think this will end up being a great 90 days with all of them. Once everyone got here for the day, we all had a delicious dinner, which was pesto pasta and sausage. We then all introduced ourselves to each other and learned more about the staff. Then they told us some basic information about the boat, such as the tedious (but essential) task of flushing the toilet. Now, we have all split off to do our assigned jobs for the day on the boat. Above me, I have some people scrubbing the deck. Below, I have others cleaning the kitchen (galley) and all of the dishes we used for dinner. Now we are about to go to bed since we are starting early tomorrow at 7, where I get to wake all 21 of us up. Toby out.