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New Beginnings

Location: Nice, France

Today was a day of new beginnings: new country, new home, new friends, and a completely new experience. For 24 individuals, today marked the first day of what will become one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Today they left the comfort of home and the known. They choose to enter the unknown, embarking on an adventure with 30 strangers to explore new places and new cultures. To learn new skills; sailing, diving, and ocean sciences. To sail a 112' traditional rigged schooner from the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic Ocean, and into the Caribbean, like so many early explorers. Also, the new crew will learn about themselves and their fellow crew members: who they are, how the people around them shape themselves, and what kind of person they want to become. All of these aspects and many more that they don't yet realize will come out of this experience.

They arrived today as strangers in a foreign place. In 90 days, they will leave as one unified crew, with bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime and departing a vessel that will forever feel like a second home. Cast the dock lines, and let the adventure begin!