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The Midnight Arrival

Location: Palau

Day 1 was a bit of an unusual one, as the students did not actually land in Palau until almost midnight. But the staff had a busy day getting Argo onto the dock, going provisioning for all the food and supplies we will need for the first couple of weeks and doing some final sprucing up in the form of an extensive deck wash and final tidying down below. Then the wait began, and we were rewarded with a tired but happy group of students who arrived at Argo at 1 am. We quickly shuffled all the heavy bags onboard during a surprise drizzle, and we showed everyone to their bunks. Most people were ready for sleep after their very long day(s) of travel, so the boat was quiet before long as everyone settled into their new space.

We look forward to an exciting semester starting in Palau with lots of dive training! Tomorrow will be packed with new information for the students, but don't worry. They will get to test out the warm Pacific waters during their swim test. Cheers to a new semester!