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First Days on the Boat

Location: Singapore

The first couple of days on the boat have been great. My trip to Singapore was really something else. It was only the second time I had flown alone. I never really thought I would be able to make such a trip by myself. But it ended up being a really cool experience. The worst part was just being alone for 36 hours. The first day on the boat was really fun. I thought that it would be really awkward meeting all the new people, but it wasn't at all. I felt like they had been my friend for the longest time, probably because we have all the same interests. We are always doing something or learning something, which is great. Everything is like a learning experience. Like the first night, it was too hot to sleep in the cabins, so most of the guys spent the night in hammocks on the deck. Captain Dan used this opportunity to teach us some new knots that are best suited for hammocks. The second day everyone went into town for the day. Before we left the boat, we did a swim test in the marina's infinity pool. In town, we made a stop at the botanical gardens, which was an incredible sight. After this, they took us to the night zoo, which is a zoo specifically designed for nocturnal animals and therefore is only open during the night.