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Location: Tahiti, French Polynesia

There goes day one! I think I can speak for the whole crew when I say that everyone is in paradise. After an incredible amount of anticipation and daydreaming, we are all finally here, although I'm sure the full weight of the situation has yet to sock us in our noses. We had some free time today while we waited for the whole crew to arrive, and it helped some of us soak up the sun...at a bouncy McDonald's water park. I didn't know those existed! Amazing how new cultures can really open your eyes to all sorts of new and unexpected experiences :). We had an absolute blast. Once the whole crew made it on board and unpacked, the indescribably amazing staff helped familiarize us with our new home, Argo. We topped off the night with dinner and cake to celebrate our first birthday of the trip (many more to come). Our new huge family is incredibly excited to make the most of the saturated days ahead. Tomorrow we head out to Moorea! Until next time! :)

PS Love you, Mom!