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How It All Begins

Location: Koh Lan, Thailand

Shipmates awoke after a rolly first night on anchor near Jomtien Beach and immediately jumped to the task of hauling back the anchor as we prepared to get underway on our first short voyage to the nearby island of Ko Lan. Ko Lan proved an excellent first stop where we watched local fishermen and dive boats plying their trades off the lush tropical island and white sandy beaches. We introduced students to the program, the boat, and the wonderful world of SCUBA diving. The afternoon held more SCUBA classes for those new to the sport and a refresher for the old hands. In the evening, staff introduced the shipmates more formally to Argo with a detailed orientation to the deck, chart house, engine room, salon, and galley. We slept peacefully under the protection of a diligent anchor watch as squid and fishing boats circled the gulf. By all accounts, the crew has taken to the ship well, and everyone aboard is looking forward to the next 1000 miles of sailing and diving in front of us as we voyage south to explore Thailand and the distant horizons of Malaysia and Singapore. This entry includes pictures from the previous day's Bangkok Tour