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Ocean Star's Crew are Onboard!

Location: West End, Tortola

Ocean Star welcomed her new crew aboard today, embarking on what promises to be 20 days of smooth sailing, adventure, and many new life experiences around some of the most beautiful islands the Caribbean has to offer. 14 New shipmates have stepped aboard (well, almost- a few are still in transit!) as strangers with differing expectations of what is to come but will undoubtedly leave as a new part of the Ocean Star/Seamester family with a profound sense of fulfillment. This next voyage will take us exploring through the BVI's before heading South to Nevis, Antigua, St Barthelemy, Saba, and eventually back up to the BVI's. 20 Days may seem like a short time period, but with a schedule packed to the brim with diving, sailing, hiking, and even horse riding, the next three weeks will feel like the adventure of a lifetime!