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Day 1: Arrival and Testing the Boat Out

Location: West End, British Virgin Islands

As the students arrive to Ocean Star, a mixture of nerves and excitement fills the air. Greeted by the friendly staff, they are immediately welcomed into this new and extraordinary community.

After a warm welcome, students are guided to their bunks on the boat. With their belongings in tow, they make their way to their cabins. Excitement and curiosity fill their hearts as they explore their new home for the semester.

After settling in, the students gather in the cock pit area to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Nick. The aromas wafting from the galley make their mouths water, and the vibrant conversations soon fill the air. Sharing stories and backgrounds, the students quickly form connections, forging friendships that will last a lifetime.

From the moment students step foot on the boat, they are immersed in a world of discovery, education, and personal growth. The unpacking, shared meals, and first squeeze act as catalysts for building connections and setting the stage for the transformative experiences that lie ahead. And let me tell you, we can't wait for the ride!

Here's a word from our very first skipper - Kieran!

Today was arrival day. What that entails ranged from navigating airports and taxis to meeting all of our new roommates and getting settled in on our new home. After finding the ship (which I assure you in some cases was no easy task), we were treated to a wonderful first ship dinner, an example of the possibilities available with the correct skillset on board, and several hours of introductions, instruction, and orientation. From getting fitted for our scuba gear to figuring out how to work our numerous possessions into cubbyholes, the challenges were hard, but all were surrounded by an air of eager anticipation and excitement. After beginning to remember each others' names and becoming more comfortable with the layout of the vessel, we played uno while unwinding from our day. We are now headed to bed for an early start tomorrow, which should enable us to experience some true open-sea adventure over the next few days.