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Sunset in Paradise

Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island, BVI; 18.21.40'N 064.34.98' W

There is nothing quite like a beautiful sunset viewed from a boat floating upon the water. The new crew of Ocean Star learned this fact tonight as we enjoyed our delicious dinner anchored out upon the water away from the hustle-bustle of land life. The crew of Ocean Star started the day off with a swim test pre-breakfast at 0700 today. After breakfast, we went through our policies meeting and talks covering life aboard. The best way to know what living aboard a boat will be like is to get out on the water and experience it! If anything is going to happen, it's going to happen out there. So we issued PFD and ran through proper line handling. We cast off the dock lines and said goodbye to West End, not to be seen again until day 39. The winds and seas were a bit squally, so we made our way up to Peter Island and tied up to our mooring in GHP for the night. The skies parted just perfectly to give us all a beautiful sunset during dinner. Not a bad way to end a full day. As soon as we were on the water, the entire crew was smiling. Their excitement is high with the anticipation for the unknown and of the grand adventure that is to come. This voyage which we are embarking upon, will be all that and more, and I look forward to sharing this wonderful experience again with another eager crew.