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And So it Begins

Location: West End, BVI

The sunrise this morning marked the beginning of arrival day for Ocean Star's fall semester. The staff scurried about putting last-minute touches on the boat until around noon, when the first students started to arrive. They could be spotted walking down the dock up to the ship, taking shoes off, and stepping aboard. Their first task was to find their assigned bunk and move in! While awaiting everyone else's arrival, some went for a walk, others unpacked, and we attached the ladder to the dock, so there was the option to go for a swim. The last wave of students came right as dinner was almost done, so those who had just arrived went for a quick dip in the beautiful Caribbean water as the sun was setting while a group effort was made to bring the tables and food up on deck to sit down for dinner. On the menu for the first night was pasta with red sauce, salad, and garlic bread; the line went from the cockpit to mid-ships, and everyone squeezed around the tables on benches and the cap rail for our first meal as a crew. Post dinner, we did introductions and a quick boat briefing going over things from what to do in emergency situations to how to use the heads on board. Even though bunks looked inviting to those exhausted from travel, laughs could be heard throughout the boat as games were played on deck and conversations were had before bedtime. We are still short one crew member, who will arrive tomorrow, and then we will be a full crew! In the meantime, everyone will catch some "zzz" and be up bright and early, ready for the first full day aboard!