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Ocean Star Meets Her Able Crew

Location: West End, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

After a short winter slumber filled with rejuvenating rest and repairs, Ocean Star awoke to fourteen new crewmembers knocking on her hull this evening. It was a long journey for many of the student crew as some left coasters had to depart on Sunday night to make it here today. There were several weary pairs of eyes at our introduction meeting tonight, and as I write to you all now, only soft sounds of peaceful slumber permeate the vessel. It is a cold night here in West End; however, many of the students seem to think the staff is crazy for saying so. With the exception of our Bermudan, the students have come from cold climates and are enjoying the Caribbean warmth. There is a big day planned tomorrow to bring everyone up to speed, and we will be telling everyone all about it in the coming trip logs. Have a good evening, all of you blog readers back home. And standby for more updates soon,

Ian M