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All Aboard!!!

Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Hello to my friends on land. To say that this day was long would be a woeful understatement. We began at 2:00 A.M. in snowy `Mystic, and just over 15 hours later, we found ourselves in beautiful (and luckily very sunny) Antigua. The day has been long, but it has also been full. Not only are we taking part in this exploration, each of us has a unique task. After a quick recovery from all the travel, I was surprised by the most important role on the ship, the Skipper. I was put in charge of an icebreaker game(the Squeezes), taking down the flag(Ensign), and what I'm doing right now(writing a blog).

There's something special about being aboard this boat. It's not just the beauty, the crew, or the delightful destinations that we are embarking on. Today, for perhaps the first time, I didn't apart from nature, but A PART of nature. That is to say, as the wind blew us about after our dinner and the mist turned to rain as I write this blog, I feel Mother Nature's beating pulse in every action that we take. That is special, and I am more than excited to take part in this one-of-a-kind journey through one of the Earth's most diverse locales.

See you next time, dear Reader.