Location: West End, BVI

This morning we woke up early (I was pretty impressed with the energy that radiated out of the saloon at 6:40 am this morning before I had a chance to wake anyone up myself). Most people headed over to Omar’s to enjoy a breakfast sandwich or French toast before we all had to say goodbye to the first group, catching a taxi to a ferry to their flights at 8 am. Lots of hugs and a few tears later, they were off, followed shortly after that by those flying from Tortola.
It is hard to believe that 80 days have passed by since 15 pale faces climbed aboard Ocean Star for the first time here in the BVI. We have had an amazing adventure over these past 80 days, visiting 13 countries and sailing some 1,320 nautical miles through the Caribbean. We have explored volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, and beaches; learned about new cultures, languages, and food; dove on reefs of all shapes and sizes; learned science, sailing, diving and even how to cook; pushed ourselves academically, physically and emotionally; and turned a boat and 19 strangers into a home and family. Thanks to the crew of Ocean Star’s spring 2015 trip for being amazing, we hope that you all had just as awesome of a trip as we did! This was a great adventure, but don’t let it be your greatest adventure – keep exploring, learning, and pushing yourself to see and do new things!
Love, the staff of Ocean Star