Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Today started off as usual at around 7:15 with a hardy breakfast of pancakes cooked by our amazing chefs (Sean, Emily and Kris). The day continued on as usual with half of the PSCTers having their navigation exam while the other half of the group went on a tour down the Indian River. The tour was absolutely beautiful, tall mangrove trees covered the shoreline of this majestic river with brackish water. The river is especially unique because the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed here (the scenes with Calypso). In the afternoon the other half of the PSCTers completed their navigation exam while the rest of the group who are not in PSCT started with getting the deck organized, and ready to set sail tomorrow for Les Saints. Tonight we are finishing up our long day with a relaxing snorkel consisting of feeding the fish right off the boat; I know I’m excited for it. I am looking forward to our short sail tomorrow and getting to see more of the Caribbean as the day goes on.

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