Location: Male Atoll, Maldives

Today boat life started early with a 5:30 am sunrise that the last watch got to watch and tell us all about at breakfast. After breakfast, we gave Vela some love by cleaning and washing the deck, which quickly turned into a dance-off between Trey and Zach. After watching the first mate demonstrate how to use our PFDs (personal flotation devices). Our life jackets became our best friends for when we go sailing, and we laughed a lot watching the first mate, Tom, struggle to get into the Gumby suit. He got the last laugh while watching all of us struggle, laugh, and fall over, attempting to put them on after the demonstration. While we were recovering from the Gumby suit situation, something unexpected happened. Our last student from the trip finally arrived! So excited to finally meet Danar!


After lunch, the new divers hit the books while the experienced divers got to test the waters with a free dive/snorkel. Even though everyone in class was jealous of the divers in the water, we still learned a lot! We went over all the basics, like how to assemble your dive gear to what to do if you lost your mask. The class was so much better with a crew member, Elle, making us laugh while still teaching us how to be safe in the water. While we learned the basics, the advanced divers had a blast seeing what the Indian Ocean has to offer. When they got back, I could tell they had fun because they were all sunburnt on their backs from snorkeling for so long. Looks like we will have a lot of long sleeves and hats tomorrow from the divers.

We ended the night with a beautiful dinner and an even more beautiful view. Everyone is exhausted by our first full day on the boat but eager to wake up and do it all again tomorrow!

See you next time!


Photo 1: saloon photo (left to right) Valentina, Emily, Finley, Robby, Trey, Henry, and Zack

Photo 2: Clean up dance party with Trey and Zack

Photo 3: All the crew receiving a safety and PFD briefing from Captain Marc

Photo 4: Captain Marc and First mate Tom briefing the students

Photo 5: Everyone trying on their emersion ‘Gumby suits

Photo 6: who looks like Ian fully suited up and feeling warm