Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

This morning Shanley woke me up at 6:30am and we studied for our physical oceanography quiz over coffee. At 7:15 I woke the rest of the people up with a Queen song- You’re my best friend. All through breakfast we studied our notes and quizzed each other. After clean up we took our quiz, which wasn’t all that bad, and watched a quick oceanography video on ocean currents. After class Lauren, Alex, Annie and I went ashore to take a freshwater shower- it was God sent. After defunkifying ourselves Alex and I went on an epic shopping adventure. However, we quickly found out that we could not afford most of the things we wanted. After lunch we went back to the boat and took naps/wrote in our journals. Around 3:30 Alex, Shanley and I went back to shore and went to quicksilver where we purchased watches, shorts, and shoes. After spending more money that we shouldn’t be we went next door and got ice cream, which was delicious! We then headed back to the boat and had a quick fo’c’s’le sesh until dinner. Dinner was very exciting because we actually got to eat fresh vegetables like broccoli (which was a pretty big deal). After dinner we had clean up and Jack and Kris got all dressed up for their sushi date because they had the day off (slackers). After clean up we had an OCE class where we watched a surfing movie in preparation for our epic surf day tomorrow! Overall it was another outstanding day in the Caribbean. P.S. Hi Ellie :]