Location: North Sound, BVI

I awoke for our passage watch to much excitement, while watch team two was at the helm a brown boobie, obviously exhausted, landed on the bow sprit. Their enthusiasm instilled some kind of positive energy in me that set the mood for my day. We continued on our passage nothing extraordinary happened, unless you count the amazing view of the horizon and the sunrise, which I most definitely do. We pulled into a bay near the baths (I’m unsure of the name) near where our trip began. The view brought back memories of a much less experienced group of mariners. We passed through the tedious customs process, completed our last provisioning expedition, and did a brief boat appreciation, but that was only the tip of the fun iceberg. After we were done with the chores we set out for the baths. At first I thought these were actual baths but in fact they were not (in fact they are very famous her in the BVIs, large rocks pushed ashore by a volcanic activity). It was a spectacular place to explore. Large rocks to climb/jump off of, small under water swim-throughs, a hallowed out rock/secret (but not so secret) cavern. All in all a fantastic day, filled with exploration, memories, and just all around good feelings