Location: Peter Island, BVI

We started the morning off with an early wake-up at 6:30 am so that we could go from Great Harbor Peter to the Rhone Wreck dive off of Salt Island. While we were underway, we started preparing for our final exam on navigation. The final is the International Yacht Training Navigation Master Exam, which consists of topics to determine whether we can navigate the seas on our own. We took the exam in three different shifts, so it took almost all day. When we weren’t taking our exam, we were able to go on a fun dive through the Rhone Wreck. I was part of the first group to take the exam, so my fun dive was an awesome way to finish. We saw some amazing wildlife on the dive, including a reef shark, but the highlight of our dive was definitely a swim-through that Max, Ryan, Mahlon, and I went through. It was a truly indescribable dive… yet I will, in fact, describe it. It seemed that there were more tiny bluefish than molecules of water, and the fish seemed to create a bubble around us as we swam through the wreck. They seem to envelop us and draw us through the wreck as if welcoming us on a tour of their home.

After everyone was finished with the exam at about 4 o’clock, we moved back to Great Harbor Peter to the mooring where we had spent the night before. After a delicious dinner of poppy seed chicken, we got the opportunity to go on the second-night dive of the trip. My favorite part about night dives is definitely the bioluminescence. I am quite certain that Emma, Ryan, and I probably looked ridiculous, flailing our bodies around so that the water would sparkle, but we didn’t care. It’s not every night that you get to swim in a massive bottle of glitter.

During the squeeze, the crew shared mottos that they have developed over the years. With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps my motto should have been: “Swim in glitter like no one is watching.”