Location: Dominica

Today we woke up with our first look at Dominica and set off after breakfast to hike. We drove through Roseau and up to the Morne Trois Pitons National Park to adventure through the dense rainforest on our way to the boiling lake. The hike was about 6 hours up and down log-lined steps and slippery rock faces. When we reached the steaming hot creek a few miles from the view of the actual lake, we were met with a nice surprise. Our hilarious guide Pancho had eggs boiling in a small colander he had carried the whole way. Once we enjoyed the eggs, home-made sardine dip, and baguettes, we made our way to the hot springs. These were collected pools of runoff from the creek, as you climbed the series of pools you could feel the water get warmer as you neared the hotspot deep under the rock. We then made our way to the end of our hike, an amazing view of the boiling lake, bubbling and steaming into clouds of vapor that encompassed the whole area. We made our way back the same as before. For a small part of the hike down, I was truly alone for the first time in many days, something I can appreciate when living in such close quarters with my fellow shipmates. Once I reached the base of the mountain, we swam into a ravine of freezing cold freshwater. It took us back to a waterfall, which we climbed up and relaxed under pressure from the falling water surrounding us. Once we returned to the ship, we showered and played a haphazard game of sharks and minnows. We ended the rewarding day with Mexican night, courtesy of the chefs Eliza and Joe, aided in the galley by Alex Mines.