Location: Marigot Bay

Allison and I woke up early to cook a delicious breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. Then, we did our dishes, as usual, in buckets and hand dried them, but this was to the amusement of the mega-yachters around us who told us they were surprised a boat existed without a dishwasher! Though we live a simple lifestyle aboard Ocean Star, we all agreed it was way more fun and social to wash dishes on deck in buckets. Casey taught a Marine Biology class, then we had a friendly debate in my Oceanography class about the pros and cons of aquaculture. The shipmates had the rest of the day to explore Marigot Bay. Most enjoyed a lunch out with some very sinful looking desserts, some indulged in specialty coffee drinks, others purchased souvenirs and some simply spent time on the internet getting in touch with friends and family at home. After a fun day in Marigot Bay, we ended with dinner on deck as we watched people wander around docks and listened to reggae music in the background.