Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

The day started early with fresh eggs and toast while underway. We left Bitter End and motored south to Mountain Point where we anchored for a day of scuba diving. after a short briefing about our first open water dive we got our gear to gather and headed out to the morning dive site. This was an exciting time for all of use because it was the first real dive we have be on. We were diving on a reef off mountain point in about 30 feet of clear water. We stayed down for about twenty five minutes which is not too bad for the first dive. A few things we saw whileon the dive were, parrotfish, butterfly fish, snappers, grunts, wrasse, trumpet fish, sea fans, brain coral,and fire coral.

After the first dive we returned to Ocean Star for a long lazy lunch and prepared for our second open water dive. For the second dive we went back to the same spot as the first dive but this time we where practicing dive skills like clearing water from a flooded mask and practiced using alternate air sources. once done with the dive skills we did a little more exploring under water before we returned to the surface. Once back at Ocean Star, we watched the sun set while enjoying the feast of Mexican food prepared by O’Hara and Nick which was a good close to a great day! -Tucker