Location: Savannah Bay

This morning started for some of us at 12:00 AM. Our first anchor watch took place where teams of one or two people at a time would wake up for an hour-shift, watching the boat’s anchor and chain, the surrounding land, and any nearby vessels to make sure the S/V Ocean Star remained in its allotted area, safe and sound. The watch went quite well, with no major issues at all. At 7:30 AM, our flag was raised, and everyone met up top for breakfast in the morning sun. The water was as beautiful and serene as the night before; the crew was briefed on the day’s activities as the sun rose to shine on our continuing adventure. After clean-up, those becoming diver-certified were shown instructional diving videos, and their homework was reviewed. With two knowledge reviews out of the way, we set up our gear a couple of times with ease, and soon we were all set. For the certified divers, special dinghy training was given. Lunch came right then, with some delicious macaroni and wonderfully tangy pineapple. Those of us who were certified were given a set of knots to learn and practice, while the students becoming certified set out for their first confined water dive in order to safely practice the diving fundamentals they all studied last night. They showed their in-field knowledge with great aptitude; there was an abundance of smiles on the way back to our new home, Ocean Star. Once all equipment was cleaned up and put away, sunscreen was re-applied, showers were taken, and all-around relaxation pervaded the atmosphere. The next diving homework assignment was started, and before we knew it, dinner was being served. As the sun set, Ocean Star’s deck was refreshed with a thorough washing. The day’s final activity was an extremely important class educating all of us on First Aid and CPR techniques and rules. We all prepared to start up the watch to keep our fellow crew members safe and assured they could sleep soundly. We’re on strange tides, and we have many lessons to learn yet. We miss home, no doubt, but we’re all ready to face the next challenge