Location: Hulhumale, Maldives

Hello, friends and family back home! You do not know of me yet, but I am the 29th crew member aboard Argo. I am the unofficial Supervisor of all activities aboard Argo, always overseeing and watching out for the crew. I’ve been aboard the entire time, always behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. Now that this new crew has ship life dialed in, I’m taking a more proactive role aboard, starting by taking over the Skipper duties today in the lovely Maldives. After breakfast, the crew efficiently got Argo moving back to Hulhumale for more diving. Once the hook was set, our Advanced Water divers were making a splash to do their navigation dive while another group set off to pick up laundry. Everything was running extremely smoothly, which I absolutely require of my crew. After lunch, much of the crew had some free time in which some chose to go to shore while others went snorkeling among the many reefs surrounding our anchorage. For dinner, we had a special treat. Captain Boomer got in the galley to whip up some mouthwatering, unbelievable, tuna! It was easily some of the best tuna I have ever had, not to mention I was happy to not be eating eggs or chicken. Anyway, that’s been our day out here, as have been many of our days in the Maldives: breathtaking scuba diving and delicious fish. It’s a rough life, but someone has to live it. Take care, and know that all is well while I’m on watch.