Location: Underway to Jamaica

This was the day we all embarked on an epic journey through the sea while learning about invaluable life-saving practices, like CPR and First Aid. We learned everything ranging from how to save infants who were choking on tortillas to giving chest compressions to old guys gardening. It was awesome because the second we walked out of that classroom, we knew that wed be prepared (for a maximum of 1 year) to save every life we saw that happened to be choking. Dinner tonight was pizza. Starting days in advance, Eli has slaved away endlessly creating delicious pizzas for all of us to stuff our faces with this very night, burning hands, losing sleep, working tirelessly into the night, all so that our taste buds would prosper. Let it be known that his efforts would not be in vain, for all pizza was devoured in record time. Oh, and I also gave another rap at the end of the day, this time about CPR, pizza, and sailing. Until next time guys and listen to the podcast tonight, for it will have my rap posted.