Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Today we were woken up by the delightful sound of the fire alarm (just a drill) and enjoyed Kris and Jacquies eggs and ham sandwiches for breakfast. After breakfast we had an OCE class where we got our mid-term exam results back, class was followed by the creation of two groups for scuba diving Jacque Cousteaus favorite dive site which is called Pigeon Island just 1/2 kilometer off of Guadeloupe. Group one dove before lunch and then group two after lunch: Campbell canned tomato soup with baguettes and cheese,. During the dive we saw many fish and coral as well as a statue of Jacque Cousteau protruding out of a sandy open area. After the two dives were done everyone relaxed or worked on their OCB assignment which is due tomorrow morning. At 17:00 we started preparing for the sailing passage we will be making to Antigua, leaving at mid-night tonight. After preparation we ate dinner that Kris and Jacquie had specially made for us, it was chicken curry and rice. After we finished eating we cleaned up and loaded the dinghies on board, then proceeded to having a MTE class with captain Eric.