Location: La Reserve Cousteau, Guadeloupe

This morning on Pigeon Island in Guadeloupe, I woke everyone up at 7:00, and then we ate a breakfast of oatmeal in the salon because it was raining outside. We then had oceanography with Steph, where we had a class then watched the documentary Blackfish about Orcas and Sea World. After this, we had study time until lunch. For lunch, Wiggy put out sandwich stuff and the leftover pizza for us to eat. After lunch, all the girls went diving while the boys stayed on the boat and studied (but probably slept the whole time). Devi, Kelsay, and I went off by ourselves and ran into a huge barracuda that surprised Devi. We also saw a ton of black durgons and parrotfish along the beautiful reef. While we were diving for fun, Katie, Elle, and Olivia were gathering research about Christmas tree worms for their group research project. Around 3, we returned to the boat to shower and do some work for classes and have some free time onboard. For the second time this trip, my laptop had water spilled on it, and so it is currently sitting in a huge bowl of rice. Hopefully, this fixes it! We started watching Moana right before our delicious Shephard’s pie made by Wiggy. After dinner, we had a Leadership class with Wiggy, and he introduced to us our essay prompt about our adventures on treasure island a few days back. After about 45 minutes of focusing on writing the essay, we turned Moana back on before bed.