Location: Dominica

We woke up to a cool and breezy day in Martinique. It was sad to leave France after such an exciting few days, but we knew that today we were destined for Dominica! Dominica is a lush tropical island full of wonderful diving, exciting hikes, and exotic fruits. So after a french breakfast of crepes, we set sail, some of us in quite funny attire. The boys managed to secure matching patriotic garb. Today’s sail was all about the students running Ocean Star. Alone they pulled the anchor, raised the sails, and even took the helm as we headed out. Underway, Jack and I taught MTE. First on our agenda was to go over the all-passing International Crew Certification exams. Next, we broke into Navigation, the subject that will take us through until the end of the semester. Today’s topic was running fixes, so we decided to sail to Dominica without the use of modern navigational equipment. The students did us proud; we made it in record time! This afternoon was full of swimming and backflips (or some interesting renditions resembling flips). Here we sit with a free night off the dock of a little local restaurant called Drop Anchor. Just us and Ocean Star, loving life.