Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

Today we started with a delicious breakfast of crepes with toppings of Nutella, peanut butter, fruit, and lemon juice and sugar, fruit prepared by our captain Sam. It was delicious and just what I needed after staying up late preparing bread for the next days dinner. After cleanup we had EFR (emergency first responders) class, where weve been learning how to treat victims for primary and secondary care. While EFR was going on some off us went up on deck to start setting up the boom swing. We had to top the main boom using the main sails halyard and then swing the boom out over the side of the boat, with two guy-lines on either side. Before all of that though you must tie the actual rope swing to the end of the boom, with about 8 of us working together to finally get the end knot where you stand made. After the swing was set up we had to try it out, everyone was doing backflips, twist flips, and flips on accident. The only rule to the boom swing is you have to let go; as Leah would say, “130 tons will always win.” The boom swinging continued in the afternoon after lunch, and then finally put back before dinner. My squeeze question tonight was “if you had a fountain what would you want to come out of it?” The answers ranged from mango juice to chocolate to time machines! The trip seems to be getting better and better as we go along and were also getting closer and closer as a group. The last months have just flown by and I know Ill miss the friends Ive made here. Signing off, James Watson. PS. Happy birthday John!! I’m sorry I couldn’t be home for your day; I hope you have as good a day as I have! I love you brother.